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The secret of power adapter label in power adapter
Release date:2017-09-27

Power adapter label in power adapter (below called adapter) ,the label will generally have several needs attention.

First ,the adapter model.For example, the adapter model is xve-120100, It tells us some information: it’s manufacturers, the main parameters etc..General speaking,the XVE at the beginning is Company Code.120100 means this adapter is 12W,and 050200 means 10W.

Second ,the input of this adapter.In China, 100-240v~50-60hz is mostly used ,this shows that this adapter can be normal working below  the 100v-240v voltage .

Third, the Output of the adapter.With two numbers ,we can quickly calculate the Wattage of this adapter .Fox example,Voltage 12V* current 1A=12W(Wattage),

means this adpater is 12W.Most laptop power adapters are suitable for 100 to 240V alternating current (50/60hz).Basically ,most of notebook computer use external power supply, connected the host with a power line , which can reduce the volume and weight of the host.Only a handful of models built the power into the host.

On the adapter, there is a nameplate ,which indicating the power, input and output voltage, and the amount of current.Special attention should be paid to the input voltage range, which is called the "travel power adapter".This feature is very useful when the market voltage is only 110V of the country.Some parallel notebook sales only in the original country, not compatible with voltage design.Even with only a single input voltage of 110V ,the adapter will burn out if plug in the 220V electric voltage city of our country.

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