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Switching Power Supply

     With a new wave soldering line, welding line, semi-finished products and finished products lines and various advanced testing equipment, components processing equipment and product aging equipment And an experienced management team, a group of senior research at the age of technology, engineering, quality assurance and manufacturing personnel, Uniwaypo Switching power supply can provide you a full range of power supply the solution for you and the quality of customer service service. 

    Travel charger

    UWP 310DUP USB Series 12W

    UWP 310 USB 10W

    UWP12W Series 12W

    UWP 320 DUP USB 20W

    UWP 305B Series 3W~6W

    UWP 306EVU Series 3W~7.5W

    UWP 306SVU Series 3W~7.5W

    UWP 303USB Series 3W~5W

    UWP 305W USB 5W

    UWP 305USB Series 2.5W~6W

    UWP 05W USB Series 5W~7.5W

    UWP 310W USB Series 5W~10W

    UWP 310 10W

    UWP 310 USB Series 7.5W~12W

    UWP 312ST 双USB Series 7.5W~12W

    Power Adapter

    UWP 318D Series 12~ 18W

    UWP US 12W Series 6W~12W

    UWP UPC 12W Series 6W~12W

    UWP 318EH Series 15W~18W

    UWP 312E Series 5W~12W

    UWP 05E Series 2.5W~6W

    UWP 05K Series 3W~6W

    UWP UU 24W Series 7.5W~24W

    UWP POS 324 Series 15W~24W

    UWP 318EV Series 9W~18W

    UWP 318KV Series 9W~18W

    UWP 318SV Series 9W~18W

    UWP 306EV Series 3W~7.5W

    UWP 306SV Series 3W~7.5W

    UWP US 18W Series 15W~18W

    UWP 10U Series 6W~12W

    UWP 305U Series 5W~6W

    UWP 318WH Series 10W~18W

    UWP 318SM Series 10W~15W

    UWP 312SN Series 5W~12W

    UWP SC113A CE Series 18W~24W

    UWP SC113A Series 18W~24W

    UNP 336SN Series 24W~35W

    UWP 336K Series 24W~36W

    UWP 336E Series 24W-36W

    UWP 120D Series 100W~120W

    UWP 390D Series 72W~90W

    UWP 360D Series 60W

    UWP 350D Series 50W

    UWP 45D Series 24W~45W